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A Cappella Music in Corporate Worship B176
This work is a teaching guide for the study of biblical history in a capella and instrumental mus..
Ex Tax: $5.95
A History of Church Music B460
Revised March 2001 and printed a perfect bond book. Mr. Furr has put together a condensed, yet ef..
Ex Tax: $7.95
A Practical Handbook for Singing and Song leading B547
While this material is designed as an instructional tool for the song leader, it can also be used..
Ex Tax: $5.99
Leading the Lords Worship B522
In this 300 page book, Mr. Boyd covers song leading from the basics through worship planning, tra..
Ex Tax: $15.95
Let Us Sing DVD V110
Song Leaders Instructional Video R. J. and Tim Stevens have spent years traveling all over th..
Ex Tax: $74.95
Music Matters in the Lords Church B161
This book was prepared for both individual and Bible class study. Through neglect, a new generati..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Sight Singing and Song Leading B162
Over 100 pages of theory and exercises in rhythm, pitch, intervals, timing, etc. This is the manu..
Ex Tax: $11.95
Singing in the Spirit B252
The meditations and prayers included here are recommended for use with choirs, congregations, study ..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Worship in Song B220
An able scholar, the author reviews and evaluates the key arguments for and against instrumental mus..
Ex Tax: $8.95
Worship Leaders Hand Book B108
Based on Songs of Faith and Praise, the newest hymnal from Howard Publishing. Includes 600 topics..
Ex Tax: $7.95
Writing the Gospel Into Song Revised B103
This book helps you understand how to write both the words and music to hymns. It is used in the ..
Ex Tax: $14.99
Music in Worship Book B1230
A new examination of an old issue, "Does the bible justify instrumental music for Christian ..
$12.99 $11.95
Ex Tax: $11.95
My Dancing Day
BY: Jennifer Rundlett, M. M. is founder of God Thru the Arts. From over 10 years of college class..
$30.00 $19.99
Ex Tax: $19.99
Scripture & Song for Worship and Devotions
This paperback handbook provides over 50 worship plans using a theme, songs and a scriptures. C..
Ex Tax: $8.95