Be Still and Know - Songbooks SATB Shape Note

Be Still and Know - Songbooks SATB Shape Note
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Be Still and Know is a word from the Lord for the storms of our lives. The Psalms assure us that when we cry out to the Lord he still hears and answers, regardless of the chaos we are experiencing. These 24 songs capture the message of the psalms.

All of these songs are found in Volume One of the Timeless: Ancient Psalms for the Church Today. Psalms 1-41; and Volume Two Psalms 42-89

Keep Me O God I Pray - Psalm 16
Answer Me When I Call - Psalm 4
Answer Me - Psalm 4
May Jehovah Answer - Psalm 20
He Will Answer - Psalm 20
I Cry Out to You - Psalm 28
In Your Refuge - Psalm 28
I Am Poor and Need Your Care - Psalm 86
You O Lord are a Shield - Psalm 3
Strong Defender - Psalm 3
Keep Me, O God I Pray - Verse 2 Psalm 16
In the Shadow of Your Wings - Psalm 63
Be Still and Know that I Am God - Psalm 46
God is Our Strength - Psalm 46
God Alone - Psalm 62
My Soul finds Rest in God Alone - Psalm 62
Turn to Me, O Holy Lord - Psalm 25
My Trust I Place in God - Psalm 25
I Trust in You - Psalm 16
Secure is My Heart O God - Psalm 16
Keep Me O God I Pray - Psalm 16
The Lord is My Shepherd-I Lie Down - Psalm 23
The Lord is My Shepherd - Psalm 23
God Enthroned Forever - Psalm 61
Hear My Cry O God and Listen - Psalm 61

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